Pink Ball needed a break from day-night Test match in Australia Series

India was supposed to play a day-night Test during their 2020-21 tour of Australia, where the two teams were supposed to play four Test matches between December and January.Pink ball will be used during the day night test match . This news has sent shivers to Pinky family whose pink balls will be used during … Read more

Who is good on those shouts between Virat kohli ,Hardick Pandaya

Virat kohli is the name which will come for obvious reasons but the person under discussion is the guy who likes to bse on top of the game in his hotel room. This guy is known for his moanings in the mornings with the original sin Renowned journalist guessed it as Pandya knowing his extra … Read more

Funny analysis of Jasprit Bumrah personality from his twitter profile

Bowling averages of boom boom Jasprit Bumrah is less reflective of the the man and his capability in terms of his DEATH over bowling skills. He has LARGE big,Dark and more than what we know. You guys are right ,most males struggle with big,dark SENSE OF HUMOUR As on now ,the only source to measure … Read more

Funny Analysis of Virat Kohli personality from his twitter profile

Virat kohli story is what you will hear when you sleep ,virat kohli will what you hear when you wake for the next decade or so. He is bound to achieve greatness beyond imagination as on date. This man is transformation from Shaitaan Dilli ka Launda to India’s youth Inspiration from cheeku to no fat … Read more

Interesting funny facts of KL Rahul derived from his twitter account

KL Rahul story could not have been slightly blotted by nothing less than legendary Karan Johar lollypop. Karan makes billionaires dance on his instructions.KL just got it slightly late.Not his fault. India prayed for Rahul ‘the Wall’ to not go ,God heard us and he created created another Rahul. This time he ends in Rahul … Read more

What is Virat Kohli Wrogn brand ?Is it wrogn or wrong one ?

Virat kohli is so good for last 5 years that records wants to break even if it hurts.He intensely tries to take a wrong turn ,it turned out to be a WROGN.A totaally different venture from his day to day life. What is Wrogn can be a right question ? Here is complete information on … Read more

A love letter by Dhoni Fan to his fans on Dhonism and how Dhoni is a cult figure

What is Dhonism ? Is it a  religious fan following or  set of tribe dying to die for having one selfie with the man himself ? yes ,it happens only in mad, mad cricket lovers in India. We have few young guns willing to be unloaded at the site/sight of the man.   It is the … Read more

How Ranvir Singh was master of Natraj Shots played by Kapil Dev before Covid 19

These days  Kapil Dev of Bollywood AKA  Ranveer Singh has his Kapil’s character fully inside his cerebral stadium bellying with 4 cells and 6 membranes.  Ball boys like Hardick Pandaya and Tall boys like Ishant have confirmed Kapil dancing at Ladki Aankh maare looking at his wife. As per reporter from Bowllywood ,left with no … Read more

What is YO YO test and why it is important for Cricketers

Prime Minister spoke to Virat kohli and asked him about the YO YO test . Lets try to understand YO YO test The yo-yo test is a a popular assessment of FITNESS of cricket players, and even some teams are using the test as a selection standard. It is mandatory to pass the yo-yo test … Read more